2010 Permakulturelle Sezeke
Lippeverband, Lünen, Duitsland

In het kader van de tentoonstelling 'Über Wasser gehen', RUHR 2010, Culturele hoofdstad van europa.

Concept: applying the design-priciples of Permaculture to the Sezeke region. In coöperation with the Permakultur-Verein a process of inspiring observation and analysis has lead to a design for the 'Permakulturelle Sezeke'. At the Sezeke-Mündung I created a modest settlement, the first visual and physical footprint of the idea: the 'Permakultur Schule am Fluss'. This is a meeting point, knowledgebase, showroom and experimental woodlandgarden. Inhabitants from the Sezeke region are invited to join in. Skilled permaculture designer Edouard van Diem shared his knowledge and evoked ideas in a workshop and study group. A small inspired group of people will be the hard-core. From there the ideas will have to be spread further, and hopefully trigger a nowball effect that will result in a transformation of the region. Idealy it will lead to a direct influence of inhabitants on their landscape. They will be free to plant and harvest along the Sezeke according to the permaculture design. Regardless of the scale of its executio this work challenges the existing preconceptions of ecology, landscape design and agriculture, and the political and economical mechanisms that make the sezeke look and function the way it does. And it envisions an alternative.

Edouard van Diem

website 'über Wasser gehen'


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Permakulturelle Sezeke pdf datasheet