2013 spongebobsession Berlin
Ozean, Berlijn, Duitsland

Spongebobsession. Take a rope, hang a bucket filled with paint over
a large piece of linen, make a hole in the bucket and give it a push.
This is the simple recipe for a two day performance by Dutch artist
Jeroen Doorenweerd. Dripping paint for hours and hours,
good music, a cold beer, beachchairs. Welcome!

'Well Colin, fun for sure.. but fun is hard to keep up for twentyfour hours. Weird too, and intense. Very sensual; the dripping paint, the smell of the cloth, the insane colors, the continuous movements. Hypnotic repetitiveness, loss of meaning, just staring and acting; behaviour on linen. Music and action merging in one rhytm. Music strongly colouring the perception of action and result. Energetic atmosphere in the space, audience scared out or captivated. Weird to spend a lot of time and money on an action that lasts only two days, kind of joyfully raping perfect and huge pieces of linen, spilling gallons of good paint. And now back in Tilburg with the 'result'. Which is kind of dangerously beautiful in its glorious goallessness. Hanging it on the wall in the factory hall it becomes a painting with huge amounts of art historical references. Just kind of randomly dropping it on the floor makes it a great hybrid sculptural-pictorial landscape. Stringing it up like a trophee between two cranes results in the ultimate decoration. Kind of scary activity this, touching the void..
all the best, jeroen'

Catalogue Spongebobsession Berlin