2003 Hospice bakel

De zorgboog in cooperation with SKOR, Bakel, the Netherlands

It was planned that terminally ill patients could reside in the as-yet-unrealized hospice that would be constructed for De Zorgboog nursing homes in Bakel. The interior of the living rooms as well as the sanctuary would be made according to themes of rest, reflection and interaction with fellow sufferers. Jeroen Doorenweerd made a proposal for the interior design of these spaces. Unfortunately as the construction of the hospice was unexpectedly aborted, his plans were also cancelled. With his design Doorenweerd wanted to connect two living rooms and a garden by way of a large wooden floor. In the center of one room, the so-called ‘hearth room’ he would install an austere open fireplace and a sturdy wooden table constructed out of the same material as the floor. This ascetic space would also contain an easy chair as well as literature. The other room would personify the search for distraction and social interaction. In this colorful room magazines, television, radio and an internet connection would each offer the possibility of temporarily redirecting one’s thoughts. In addition to these rooms is the sanctuary, which was to be located outside of the wooden square, connecting the living rooms to the garden. On the terrace one could chop wood or carry out minor maintenance jobs. One could also work in the garden. In his proposal, Jeroen Doorenweerd provided space for contemplation, communication and action, activities that alternatively elicit a sense of seclusion or social contact. Depending on the needs of its users, this design could easily allow the user to alternate between these two options. (website SKOR)