1995 Casco

Commissioned by Casco, Utrecht, the Netherlands


“The same manipulation of the visitor can be felt in Doorenweerd’s interventions in Casco. This is less evident in the placing of the exhibition wall, which is an exact copy of the front of the building and appears to have been designed specifically not to detract from the original character of the exhibition hall. The ambiguous part is to be found in a number of additional items of furniture which take advantage of the functions of the room. The most striking design is a sort of giant-sized picnic table, standing on a platform as you enter the exhibition. It serves as a work table for the staff of Casco but also as a repository for folders and information sheets for visitors… Casco wants to get into contact, or so it appears, especially in view of the ease with which visitors go and sit down at the large table. However, there is another and less convivial side to this piece of furniture. Because of its height it also makes visitors feel uncomfortable as it remains something of a pulpit from which the public can be indoctrinated. This somewhat forced communication is an aspect which Doorenweerd intentionally manipulates. The contact with artists and with the public is one of the main objectives of this platform for experimental art and the table/bench expresses this by being literally and figuratively a platform for the discussion of art.” (Domeniek Ruyters, Casco 1995)